Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Qigong Meditation For Purification

When most people think of qigong, they envision taiji (tai chi), or a yoga-like practice that involves the intention of the mind coupled with breath control and slow, deliberate physical movements.

Qigong, literally "energy practice," doesn't always involve physical movement. An important aspect of qigong is mindful control of the flow of energy and consciousness, and there are several qigong styles that involve only mental practice.

One effective practice especially concerned with holistic health and wellness is a program known as the Taiji Five-Element Medical Qigong. This is a package formerly available through the World Institute for Self Healing.

The package included these three guided meditations: a sixty-minute "One Step Classic Meditation," a thirty-minute "Standing Meditation," and my favorite for healing, the thirty-minute "Meditation For Purification."

The "Meditation For Purification" is the practice I presently (November 2008) include in my qigong classes for health and wellness. I have used it myself and have found it to be very powerful and effective.

This guided meditation opens with flowing water sounds and a symbolic water visualization in which cleansing waters enter the body through the crown of the head. Your imagination and intention guide it to flow through your body and concentrate a swirling motion around the diseased area which washes and cleanses. You then see the water drain out through the yong quan point at the bottom of your foot, taking the disease with it.

Once that part of the meditation is complete, serene music plays in the background as you are guided to visualize a brilliant beam of light shining into your body.

You see your primary internal organs glowing with vibrant health in the Chinese Traditional Medicine symbolic colors that symbolize that lively health for each; the heart, lungs, kidneys, stomach, and liver. The light continues to grow and energize you with health and brightness.

To close, you are walked through the final steps of the meditation which involve specific breathing and visualization instructions as you concentrate light and energy in your dan tien, the abdominal storehouse for your vital energy.

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