Monday, October 17, 2016

Grandmaster Wang Yan: How to regain your youth

This is a partial reprint from the website of my friend Violet Li,  Violet Li Tai Chi website.  Please click the link for more info on Grandmaster Wang Yan.

“During the 17th World Congress [on Qigong] held in San Francisco, CA, Grandmaster Wang Yan held a few workshops to share several Medical Qigong techniques. At age 80, she had a full head of naturally black hair. She suffered from no jetlag and energetically participated in all the activities. At the Opening Ceremony [09/03/2016], she shared a Medical Qigong formula to rejuvenate the body and mind so people can return to the childhood energy level. There are three parts of this Medical Qigong form: meditation, breathing techniques, and gentle exercises. You can watch the attached video for the explanation and demonstration.”

The Practice Description (quoted from above site) :

People should put hands in front of Dan Tian, with eyes gently closed and breathe through the nose naturally for two minutes. This will provide an amazing result of deep relaxation. The key is that the mind should focus on Dan Tian and not think about anything at all.

Breathing techniques:
Inhale through the nose to bring hands above the waist [while making the sound of long E - Eeeeeeeee] and exhale through the nose to relax hands on the waist. Inhale again slowly and raise the heels at the same time. Hold breath while lowering the heels a little bit and contracting the anus and the private area for 6 or 7 times, better yet 8 times. Exhale through the nose slowly to lower the heels down onto the floor. Inhale through the nose quickly and exhale through mouth and make [hahhhh] noise. Repeat the last part three times.

Gentle Exercises:
The first exercise: kick one foot at time while swinging the arms. Repeat ten times and change to another side. You can hold on to a chair or table for stability if needed. The second exercise: Raise both arms overhead and raise the heels up; then let the gravity takes as you drop down the heels and swing the arms down. Repeat ten times.

She advised people to do this Qigong program three times a day in the morning for the first week and take a two-minute break in between sets, then 2 times in the second week, and then once a day from the third week on.

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