Monday, April 21, 2008

Testimonials about Michelle and Qigong

I teach tai chi, and I have studied some qigong with various instructors in Seattle and am not totally unfamiliar with it. During January I had the pleasure of spending an evening at one of the Michelle's classes and learning a new qigong from her. She is an excellent teacher and quite knowledgeable of the subject. Her passion for qigong and her dedication to making sure it was being learned by all present make her an exceptional teacher.

I also know Michelle from her work with our organization, Central Oregon Internal Arts, and she has been an asset there also. She has readily stepped up to help the organization promote the internal arts and has willingly shared her time and energy toward this goal. It is not often that you find someone who is not only knowledgeable about what they teach, but is also willing to go out of their way to help others.

Chris M.


I consulted Michelle about Qi Gong in regards to how it could help me recover from a serious hand injury. She gave me an immense amount of insight, and I am very impressed with the depth of her knowledge in both Qi Gong and how it helped me as an individual. Prior to my injury I taught Kempo karate for a number of years. I confidently recommend her classes to anyone who's interested, no matter the age.

Steven W.


I have had the privilege of knowing Michelle Wood for seven years, and during that time I have watched her develop through intense study her qigong and stress management courses. I participated in a small group that met bi-weekly for qigong and meditation and found that those meetings always slowed and calmed me down. I was able to nourish my body and soul and let that nourishment stay with me as I dealt with the everyday stuff we all have to deal with.

Michelle has a calm, centered personality and certainly practices what she preaches. She quit smoking in 2005, and is very conscious about what she eats. In other words, she's nourishing her whole self and as she does that, she is one of the best examples of the subjects she teaches.

Her courses are developed in such a way as to gently bring each person along, and Michelle has great patience with anyone new to the practices she introduces.

Corle H.


My name is Tiffanie and I am a long time student of Michelle. As a student, I thoroughly enjoy the benefits of Michelle’s Qi Gong classes.

She does an excellent job of teaching the movements and explaining the health benefits. Her gentle voice is pleasing to hear and she has the patience of a saint!

Because of her, I feel stronger in my back and I sleep better now that I practice what she has taught me. I strongly recommend Michelle as a Qi Gong teacher.

Tiffanie R.


Michelle volunteered to give a presentation at our 8th Annual Youth Prevention Conference in Redmond, Oregon [in 2006]. This conference is a one-day event for Middle and High School students from throughout a tri-county area. The purpose of the conference is to share information regarding prevention issues with young people and to engage them in sharing what they learn from this conference with their schools and community.

Michelle did two break out [qigong] sessions entitled: "Stretch and Relax." Michelle’s breakout was well received with the majority of those in attendance expressing that they learned something new and they would recommend the session to others. What the students shared that they enjoyed about the session was that they learned to relax, breathe and stretch as well as, they enjoyed learning the exercises.

Michelle was well prepared and had great handouts that were age appropriate for the participants. Michelle has worked with young people in the past, and so she is able to apply relaxation to their lives and the relevance of how they are affected by stress.

Michelle is highly recommended to share this knowledge with other young people in most any kind of setting.

Mary F., Youth Conference Speaker Committee


"She is very passionate about what she does. That made it fun for me."

Ashley (Youth Conference Participant)


My name is Shannon J. and I am the Administrator for NHI-Natural Health Institutes. Michelle Wood has been a student with us since July/05 [and has since earned her Diploma as a Holistic Relaxation Therapist]. I also consider Michelle a very good source for information when it comes to aspects of holistic health.

She has a very diverse background in holistic health in teaching Qigong (Chinese Yoga) and now having a diploma in Holistic Relaxation Therapist. She has been asked on occasions to speak about the importance of relaxation and has always gladly accepted the invitation to let people know about the importance in relaxing.

Michelle is a great listener, a great teacher, outgoing and always up for a challenge. I like to use Michelle as an example to potential students who are thinking of studying Holistic Relaxation Therapist. Michelle has had opportunities open up for her since taking this diploma and I am proud of Michelle. She worked hard on her courses received 100% on every exam. I always look forward to Michelle’s emails and phone calls.

I would definitely recommend Michelle Wood for anyone seeking advice on how to relax or reduce stress in your life. You can always count on Michelle to give you sound advice and a smile.


"Michelle is the most patient meditation teacher I've ever worked with."

Julia (Adult Meditation Student)


Michelle went slow enough so that I thoroughly understood each step, and I received a lot of personal help.

Karen B. (Workshop Participant)


Michelle was very patient and encouraging.

Dorothy F. (Workshop Participant)

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